Brand photography is more than headshots, it's strategy-minded imagery that captivates your audience. Imagery that speaks directly to your target audience.

In a world filled with social media scrolling, you need your audience to stop and pay attention! 

How do we create strategy-minded images that are unique? I do extensive research into your brand. I get to know your brand as well as you!  I'll create custom storylines that are unique to you; after all, no two brands are the same. 

The end result are a collection of images, all in one place that show consistency and tell your brand story. 

strategy-minded imagery that captivates your audience 

the branding experience

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Let's work together! 

Once the contact form is filled out, i'll be reaching out via email within 24 hours. The email will direct you to book a consultation call with me. I'd love to hear all about your hopes for branding portraits. 

get in touch and book a call


The consultation call lets me get to know you and your brand better. I wan't to hear about your brand in your words. This is where we identify any  photo gaps and get a general feel for any disconnect. In order to serve you the absolute best that I can, sessions are scheduled 2-3 months in advance. 

complimentary Consultation


After our consultation call you'll receive an in-depth questionnaire that allows me to do a deep dive into your brand. I'll run a full audit on everything associated with your brand... website, social media pages, and more. Your questionnaire and my extensive research develops into strategy-minded concepts that brings your brand to life! 

The questionnaire


Three weeks before our session, we'll have a pre-shoot call. The call is about an hour long and we'll discuss all the final details about your shoot. I'll explain the storylines I've come up with and we'll finalize any details/logistics. 

Pre-shoot call


The day has FINALLY come! 

This is where you get to relax and have fun! I'll be very hands-on and coach you through the entire process. 

branding session day


Two weeks after your session you'll get an email from me with your entire gallery! The online gallery is accessible 24/7 with unlimited downloads. All your images will be organized by storyline and in one place.

Gallery delivery

I'll be in touch shortly. in the meantime, check out the most recent posts on the blog!

Thank You!